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Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
Friday  8:30 am to 3:00pm

2024 Borrowing days

Monday -2P, 2K

Tuesday – 1L, 2W, 5W

Wednesday – PG, PM, PB, 1S, 3K

Thursday – 3H, 3O, 4D, 4H, 4P, 5L, 5M, 6M

Friday – 1H, 6J, 6C

SORA - Student reading app

Catholic schools across the Rockhampton Diocese have access to large ebook collection through the SORA app.
Click on the button below for Instructions to log onto the SORA app 

Important Yearly Events

Term 2

National Simultaneous Storytime



Term 1 & 2

Readers Cup 


Term 3

CBCA Book Week

Scholastic Bookclub and Book Fair

The library hosts 1 book fair a year in Term 3. This event helps the school buy new books as all sales earn a commission that is used to grow the library collection.

Book Week 2024 Banner.png


Get in contact with our Library Coordinator 

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