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Students learning Music listen, perform and compose. They learn about the elements of music comprising rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture.
When making and responding, students’ musical skills are best developed through activities which integrate the techniques and processes of music: listening, composing and performing.

Listening is the process through which music is experienced and learnt. This includes listening to, analysing and comparing a range of repertoire.
Composing is a broad term for creating original music. In the classroom, this involves improvising, organising musical ideas, creating accompaniment patterns, and arranging and writing original works, either individually or collaboratively.
Performing involves playing instruments, singing or manipulating sound using technology, either as an individual or ensemble member. This includes learning songs, instrumental pieces, accompaniments, and works composed by self and others.
These learning experiences are supported by extra activities including learning and creating notation to record and communicate musical ideas; reading, writing and interpreting a range of terminology, notation and scores; making audio recordings of compositions and performances using technology; and developing skills and techniques to discuss their own music and the music of others.


Concert Band

Our concert bands meet weekly under the guidance of Mrs Roslyn Horsfall to rehearse and prepare for performances and events such as school assemblies, Festival of Bands, the Central Highlands Eisteddfod, Catholic Community Fair and end of year concert. Students are placed into the band which best fits their level of proficiency.


Junior Band: Thursday 8.15-8.55am
Senior Band: Wednesday 8.15-8.55am
Beginner Band: Friday 8.15-8.55am (Term 4 only)


​Students at St Patrick’s will have access to a wide variety of engaging musical experiences between Prep and Year 6 including:

  • Singing and vocal exploration

  • Rhythmic chanting

  • Movement and dance

  • Playing tuned percussion instruments such as boomwhackers, glockenspiels and xylophones

  • Playing a wide selection of untuned percussion instruments

  • Bucket drumming

  • Playing acoustic guitars (Years 4-6)

  • Musescore composition and notation software

  • Soundtrap digital compositions (Years 5-6)

  • Stomp! Junk composition videos (Year 6)

  • Performing in a musical 

  • Live performances by professional musicians.




We believe that music plays an important role in the holistic development of all children and take great pride in the creative co-curricular opportunities we offer at St Patrick’s. In addition to weekly classroom music lessons, students are invited to participate in our choirs, instrumental music tuition, bands and ensembles.


Students in years 4-6 are eligible to participate in our school instrumental music program. Lessons occur in small groups and take place during school time. We have a wide selection of quality instruments available for hire and students may select from the following:

  • Flute                     

  • Clarinet

  • Bass Clarinet

  • Alto Sax

  • Tenor Sax

  • Baritone Sax

  • Trumpet

  • French Horn

  • Trombone

  • Baritone

  • Euphonium

  • Tuba

  • Bass guitar

  • Glockenspiel

  • Percussion


​Small ensembles are formed in term 2 in preparation for our local Eisteddfod in September. These groups are dependent upon student interest and are recommended for students in their 2nd or 3rd year of playing only.
Ensembles formed may include:

  • Brass ensemble

  • Flute ensemble

  • Jazz ensemble

  • Percussion Ensemble

  • Woodwind ensemble

  • Mixed ensemble

The Central Highlands Eisteddfod also provides solo and duet opportunities for students who would like to challenge themselves to perform on their own or in a pair. Beginner instrumentalists as well as all vocalists, pianists and verse-speaking performers may also enter these sections.


Students in Years 4-6 are invited to participate in our senior choir. This ensemble runs all year long with practises taking place once a week on Friday at 2nd lunch. There is no cost to participate in this ensemble however students who join choir are expected to commit to attending rehearsals regularly.
Annual performances for the choir include school assemblies, special masses, Marist kick-start camp, the Central Highlands Eisteddfod, Grandparents Day Concert, Remembrance Day and our End of Year Concert.
Students in Years 2-3 are invited to be a part of our junior choir, who rehearse weekly during a lunch break in term 4. Students in this group will perform at our End of Year Concert and are invited to participate in the combined children’s choir for the Emerald Rotary Christmas Carols.

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