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Our Vision Statement - 

St Patrick's School is inspired but the teachings of Jesus Christ and Nano Nagle to be Faithful and True.

Our Mission Statement -

At St Patrick's School we celebrate:






Our Logo

  • The green and gold were the original school colours.

  • The wheat on the sides represent Emerald as a farming community.

  • The Presentation Cross represents the order of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who founded the school in 1902.

  • The Southern Cross represents the four moral virtues of justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude (as portrayed by the Italian poet, Dante)

  • “Faithful and True” is our school motto.

Statement of Religious Character

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School is located in Emerald which is in the Diocese of Rockhampton.


The school was started by the Presentation Sisters in 1902.  Inspired by their foundress in Ireland, Nano Nagle, the Presentation Sisters have always reached out to the poor and disadvantaged. The Presentation Sisters devoted much time to prayer. They believed to be contemplative is a way of being truly present, of seeing, of always being amazed, so St Patrick’s School places great importance on mindfulness and daily prayer.


Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and of the school, was a humble and gentle man with a great love for God. His complete trust in God was so great that it overcame any fears he experienced.


The school remembers St Patrick and Nano Nagle through:


  • Concern for all God’s creation

  • Compassion for those less fortunate

  • Courage to live God’s Mission

  • Commitment to empathy and respect


Administered by Catholic Education in the Diocese of Rockhampton, St Patrick’s is one of their Catholic Schools that


  • Give witness to the message of Jesus and the mission of the Church

  • Are open and accessible to all who seek our values

  • Are communities of care and safety

  • Have a clear Catholic identity

  • Offer a relevant and holistic curriculum of quality teaching and learning

  • Are characterised by inclusive partnerships within a community of faith

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